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Our approach is a little different. We believe that most organizations know where their vulnerabilities lie but need the tools to be able to substantiate and prioritize reducing them. Most businesses want to do the right thing but are strapped by time, resources or finances. RiskTool Technologies can assist you in developing the scope of your cybersecurity program.

We believe that it is only after you have conducted a thorough assessment of your existing cyberculture can you know where best to focus your efforts to protect your information effectively.

Our Software

RiskTool Software

Let RiskTool guide you or your organization through the maze of compliance requirements, liability issues, and training needs

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Fully Comprehensive

This means there are multiple functions and features that allow an organization to address an array of risk management issues.

Comprehesive Software
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Assessment Tool

Which regulations apply to your organization? RiskTool offers an assessment tool that asks the right questions.

Assessment Tools
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RiskTool comes with a section called "Resources", which is loaded with authoritative information about many topics and links to an encyclopedia of web references.

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Vulnerability Assessments

RiskTool's pre-populated assessments cover a wide range of topics. Assessments are designed to be "assigned" and represent a point in time regarding how a particular risk is measured or vulnerability to risk is measured. The system is also designed to allow customers or their consultants to create their own assessments and measurement statistics. We encourage you to conduct your own assessments but are on hand to assist when needed.

Consulting Services

RiskTool Technologies has assembled a group of experienced professionals who have been on the front lines of cybersecurity management for years. We are here to help our customers if for nothing else, to be a sounding board. We can also provide the boots-on-the-ground type of support for organizations that need a physical presence, or where training needs to be face to face and collaborative.