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Consulting Services

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RiskTool Technologies has assembled a group of experienced professionals who have been on the front lines of cybersecurity management for years. We are here to help our customers if for nothing else, to be a sounding board. We can also provide the boots-on-the-ground type of support for organizations that need a physical presence, or where training needs to be face to face and collaborative.

Most of our customers have chosen to progress cybersecurity to the extent where they can characterize their risk, assess vulnerability and set strategies to implement a more aggressive approach, if necessary. Our goal is to help organizations check off the boxes for establishing a sound cybersecurity culture. In doing this, most companies address regulatory concerns, satisfy employee learning goals and establish due diligence objectives.

By conducting assessments and inspections, organizations create a work plan for the meeting or exceeding of NIST, HIPAA, CCPA, 23 NYCRR 500, GDPR, and FINRA requirements. Organizations also use assessments in the process of establishing a risk transfer strategy and meeting the compliance requirements of CMMC.

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